About Modern Warrior Concealment

About Us

We understand your concerns about shopping with a company that does not provide a phone number. In the past, we have felt the same way. However, we are a small shop and if we answer phone calls, then we would never be able to produce the products. Not to mention, if the voicemail gets full, people will think and talk negatively about that. And, our phones will blow up around the clock and we need our beauty sleep! After all, who has a landline these days? Okay… but we don’t.

The emails go directly to our phones. Therefore, we will typically respond within 48 hours depending on the number of emails we get. If you have any questions about a product, we welcome you to send us an email.

For those of you who do not know about us, Brian K. LaMaster used to work for Dave Canterbuy who is a well-known survival expert and TV celebrity. His kydex work is highly respected throughout the bushcraft and survival community while he worked at Self Reliance Outfitters. Although Brian no longer works at SRO, the quality of his craftsmanship remains the same. That is, top-notch. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service possible. Having said that, you can be at ease about the quality of product you will receive.

We look forward to making you some killer gear! 

Our normal lead time is 10-15 business days. In order to keep the cost of the product down, we have a very small staff and therefore do not answer phone calls. Most questions can be answered via email. If necessary, we will call you to work any issues out when ordering custom work. Emails are typically returned within 48 hours.

We DO NOT ship outside of the United States. If you place an order outside of the U.S., YOU WILL be charged for our processing fees and time to cancel the order.

We DO ship to APO's, etc. if you are in the Military.