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Glock High Capacity IWB Kydex Single Mag Pouch

Modern Warrior Concealment is the first to create a mag pouch that is designed to conceal “high capacity” pistol mags. Why would you want to conceal large-capacity magazines? Simply because you realize the need to carry more rounds in one or more magazines. After all, it is better to have and not need, than to need and not have. Operators in roles such as church security or even Executive Protection, etc., realize the need to have more rounds and carry fewer magazines because you do not want a full waistline of mags. With our kydex mag pouches you can carry 20-33 rounds per pouch. Not having to reload anymore than necessary is critical in a firefight.

Our kydex mag carrier fits any 9mm high capacity mags such as Glock, KCI, SMG Tactical, ProMag, MagPul PMAG, and ETS. 

In addition, you have the choice of how much magazine that you want above the waistline. Heights are approximate.

We make kydex mag holders for the following high capacity magazines (click HC Mag for a full list):

Glock (KCI) 21/30/41 .45 ACP 26rd, Glock 17/19/26/34 33rd, Glock 20 ETS 10mm 20rd, Glock 20 ETS 10mm 30rd, Glock 20 SGM Tactical 30rd, Glock 22 ETS .40 S&W 24 rd, Glock 22/35 .40 S&W 22rd, Glock 9mm 24 rd, Glock ETS 21 .45 ACP 30rd, Glock SGM Tactical .40 S&W 22/23/27/35 31 rd, Glock SGM Tactical 17/19/26/34 33rd, Glock SGM Tactical 21/30/41 .45 ACP 26 rd


While many of you may not know who we are, we have been making quality custom kydex products for about five years. Brian K. LaMaster, Vice President of Modern Warrior Concealment, worked for Dave Canterbury’s retail store Self Reliance Outfitters (SRO) in Indianapolis, IN for four years. Dave was Co-Host of Dual Survival and Dirty Rotten Survival TV shows. In addition, Mr. Canterbury runs one of the top survival schools (Pathfinder School) in the nation.

Brian was the mastermind behind all of the kydex products that SRO sold. He has made thousands of knife sheaths, holsters, and other accessories. Furthermore, Mr. LaMaster is a CCW instructor and a leading authority on church security training in the nation.

We will never sell anything that we feel is unsafe, or create something for the sake of just coming up with something to make money. All of our products designs are purpose driven. Yes, we use our own products. In fact, several of the products we make are a result of our personal carry needs, as well as those of church security team and personal protection details. 

What all of this means to you is that you can count on what you order being quality because we take great pride in what we do. We stand behind our products 100% and that is why we offer a NO QUESTIONS ASKED LIFETIME WARRANTY! 



We truly appreciate those who have served this country in protecting us on foreign soil, as well as here at home. If you are former or current military or law enforcement, it is our honor to offer you a 30% discount on all of the products on our website. Furthermore, we are extending this appreciation to firefighters, paramedics, EMT’s, and church security team members. 

All you need to do is to create an account and tell us that you want to send us the appropriate documentation, and we will give you and email address to send us your DD214, or credentials on a department letter head and send it to us. 

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Glock Kydex Single IWB High CapacityMag Pouch

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