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Glock Reaper OWB Kydex Holster

Modern Warrior Concealments Reaper series OWB kydex holster is one of, if not the best, outside the waistband holsters on the market. A lot of people choose OWB holsters because they are more comfortable than carrying inside the waistband. Our Reaper series holsters form naturally around your waistline, giving you the most comfortable fit you can possibly get.        

Beside personal protection, these holsters are great for hunting, hiking, and even just sitting around the house or doing chores. To be honest, there have been times that we have been wearing this holster and forgot we had it on.



Unlike other kydex holster makers, we offer you five different belt attachment options. A holster make should not limit you to one or two options. The first option is the Box Loops which are very common. The only downside to these is that there is a little more wiggle room than what we like. By design, these loops tend to push the gun out more than we personally care for. Again, it is our opinion. Second, are the D-Ears. In our opinion, these are the best way to get the holster to ride close to you body. And, the way these are designed, there is almost no wiggle room. Thirdly, are the small pancake wings. Much like the D-Ears, they too pull the gun in closer to the body. And, they offer a little more flexibility in design. Fourth, the Speed Clips are great for easy on and off and many people desire to have a holster that is easy on and off. Lastly, are the milled belt loops. While we offer them, they are probably our least favorite of the five ways. However, some people love this type of loop.



One important feature that we offer is adjustable retention. Why is this important? Simply because you need to decide what is a good draw and not the people making the holster. Why in the world would you want some stranger deciding what the best retention is for you and not making that choice yourself?



Okay, let’s talk about cants since they seem to be somewhat popular. The main downside to a cant is that it takes longer to get your muzzle on target. In a situation where you need to deploy your firearm in a fight, getting your muzzle on target quickly is critical to your survival. A split second can mean the difference between life and death.



We offer the largest selection of kydex holsters for weapons mounted lights. There is literally no light that we do not make a holster for. Now, we are not going to tell you that you won’t have to send in your light in order to make the holster for you. As you can imagine, there are a number of lights made, and honestly, we cannot always keep up with them. Not to mention, it would get very costly for us to have all of them in stock.

Some will argue that you do not need a light on your gun. Well, as a responsible gun owner it is your duty to first identify your threat before you shoot. After all, do you really want to shoot an unarmed person by mistake? The harsh reality of it is, that you might land yourself in jail simply because you were too lazy to carry around a little extra weight by having a light on your gun that could have prevented this situation altogether.  



Another feature of our Reaper series OWB holsters is open ends. While many people may prefer closed ended holsters, we suggest that you think about going with an open ended holster due to the possibility that you might not always be in ideal environments. For example, maybe you are an “operator” of sorts, and you are in wet theatre. If water gets in the holster, your gun may rust if the holster retains water. Of course, there is always the downside of having an open ended holster if you are in a muddy situation. That is, mud could go into your barrel.

While we do offer a preference… depending upon the gun and options selected, it may not be possible to have a closed end. For example, you may have a light that buckles the kydex and it does not look good. In this case, we will go with what looks best when we mold it. Truth is, many times we do not know what is going to look best until we get the gun molded. So, please understand that while we respect your preference, we are not going to give you a product that looks bad.



One of the best things about the Reaper series is the amount of colors, prints, and patterns you have to choose from. In fact, the Reaper OWB kydex holster series offers the most options out of any of the other holsters we offer. We can proudly boast over 100 color options. NO ONE  else can say that!

Typically speaking, the smaller the gun, the smaller the holster and prints. With some of the belt attachments such as the D-Ears, we have to make the holster a certain size due to how the belt loops attach. However, we will always try to streamline the holster profile as best as we can.



While many of you may not know who we are, we have been making quality custom kydex products for about five years. Brian K. LaMaster, Vice President of Modern Warrior Concealment, worked for Dave Canterbury’s retail store Self Reliance Outfitters (SRO) in Indianapolis, IN for four years. Dave was Co-Host of Dual Survival and Dirty Rotten Survival TV shows. In addition, Mr. Canterbury runs one of the top survival schools (Pathfinder School) in the nation.

Brian was the mastermind behind all of the kydex products that SRO sold. He has made thousands of knife sheaths, holsters, and other accessories. Furthermore, Mr. LaMaster is a CCW instructor and a leading authority on church security training in the nation.

We will never sell anything that we feel is unsafe, or create something for the sake of just coming up with something to make money. All of our products designs are purpose driven. Yes, we use our own products. In fact, several of the products we make are a result of our personal carry needs, as well as those of church security team and personal protection details. 

What all of this means to you is that you can count on what you order being quality because we take great pride in what we do. We stand behind our products 100% and that is why we offer a NO QUESTIONS AKSED LIFETIME WARRANTY! 



We truly appreciate those who have served this country in protecting us on foreign soil, as well as here at home. If you are former or current military or law enforcement, it is our honor to offer you a 30% discount on all of the products on our website. Furthermore, we are extending this appreciation to firefighters, paramedics, EMT’s, and church security team members. 

All you need to do is to create an account and tell us that you want to send us the appropriate documentation, and we will give you and email address to send us your DD214, or credentials on a department letter head and send it to us. 


Erik W 09/11/2018

Gotta get another for sure!

Alex W 23/10/2018

Top notch gear! Will be getting more.

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Glock Reaper OWB Pancake Kydex Holster

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