The Ultimate Survival Rig Kydex Sheath

The Ultimate Survival Rig Kydex Sheath

Our Survival Rig is a creation of Brian K. LaMaster who is well-known throughout the bushcraft community for his kydex knife sheaths. Why would you want to carry your ferro rod in a manner that can possibly fall off? Making a fire is critical to your survival, and you should not chance that happening. We highly suggest ordering a ferror rod cap which will swivel off the top securing your ferro rod after much use. You will need to order this cap at the time of ordering your knife sheath because we need to custom-make it to your sheath. Eyelet spacing will be determined by the spacing of the slots for the MOLLE straps

Now, for you follower of Dave Canterbury, you can easily carry 8 or 9 of the 10 C’s of survivability. The only 2 that you may not carry is a container for water and cover. However, if you carry a trash bag as cover, then you will have 9 or the 10 C’s. What this means is that you can carry a “knife rig” and not have to necessarily carry a backpack or murse.

  •         Cordage
  •          Container (ideally stainless steel)
  •         Combustion tool
  •         Cover
  •          Cutting Tool
  •         Candling device (headlamp)
  •          Cotton Bandana (also for first aid and other uses)
  •         Cargo Tape (first aid, etc.)
  •         Canvas Needle
  •          Compass

Let’s discuss the MOLLE pouch and how it is attached to the sheath. First, you need to make sure that you order slots on your sheath. Next, you will need to order straps which you can only find here at MWC. Then, if you want to complete the ultimate survival rig, order you pouch!  

Custom prints shown here are not for blades over 5.25”. Only solid colors and camo patterns are available for blades longer than 5.25”. As with all of our prints and patterns, the price goes up. And on larger knives, you will have somewhat of a jump. The product prices listed are base prices. 

Yes, you must ship us your knife in order for us to provide a proper fit. And, we cannot possibly stock all of the knives listed on our site. Simply place a copy of your order and ship your knife to the address on your order. 

Lead times are typically 10-15 business days or less! 

DO NOT send us a knife unless you have placed an order AND you have printed a copy of your order and placed it in the box with your knife.  Also, it is your job to provide us the tracking information regarding sending your knife to us. MAKE SURE that in the NOTES section of the order that you put what kind of knife, color of scales, etc you are sending us. 

Our mailing address is:

Modern Warrior Concealment

3645 E Main St.

Box 204

Richmond, IN 47374



While many of you may not know who we are, we have been making quality custom kydex products for about five years. Brian K. LaMaster, Vice President of Modern Warrior Concealment, worked for Dave Canterbury’s retail store Self Reliance Outfitters (SRO) in Indianapolis, IN for four years. Dave was Co-Host of Dual Survival and Dirty Rotten Survival TV shows. In addition, Mr. Canterbury runs one of the top survival schools (Pathfinder School) in the nation.

Brian was the mastermind behind all of the kydex products that SRO sold. He has made thousands of knife sheaths, holsters, and other accessories.

What all of this means to you is that you can count on what you order being quality because we take great pride in what we do. We stand behind our products 100% and that is why we offer a NO QUESTIONS ASKED LIFETIME WARRANTY! 



We truly appreciate those who have served this country in protecting us on foreign soil, as well as here at home. If you are former or current military or law enforcement, it is our honor to offer you a 30% discount on all of the products on our website. Furthermore, we are extending this appreciation to firefighters, paramedics, EMT’s, and church security team members. 

All you need to do is to create an account and tell us that you want to send us the appropriate documentation, and we will give you an email address to send us your DD214, or credentials on a department letterhead and send it to us. 


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Ultimate Survival Rig Kydex Sheath

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